External Communications of the Coalition

External Communications (Coalition Statements)

Participants of the Coalition will form a Working Group (the group will consist of volunteering participants) who will collectively make decisions on drafting statements on behalf of the Coalition and will be responsible for publishing these statements. Upon the need groups develop the rules for their activity by themselves. In order to join the group, applicant should email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We highly encourage participants from other cities of Ukraine to join the group to provide their expertise on the situation in their regions.

Participants of the group will communicate via internal mailing lists and will suggest, draft and agree texts of future statements. List of participants of this working group will be placed on this web-site.

When making decisions on drafting statements, group uses other rules of the Coalition

Also we invite for participation in this group lawyers who would be able to edit statements in accordance with legislation and formulations. 

Once the text of the statement is confirmed within the group, it will be passed or consideration of the members of the Coalition. During 3 working days, after receiving the text for its review, members of the Coalition can add their suggestions, comments or demands. After adding all edits and all discussions, the statement will be signed on behalf of the whole Coalitions with indication of all members of the Coalition, represented on the web-site.

Statements, which are confirmed for further dissemination will be translated into English by members of the Coalition, who have resources to do translations. Organization, responsible for translations will be selected in each case separately upon availability of resources.

Dissemination of statements are done through the following channels:

  • Web-site of the Coalition;
  • Web-sites of Coalition members;
  • Individually by Coalition members through media contacts, elaborated by member organizations who continuously work with media.

General advice on the content of the statements of the Coalition:

  • Do not use phrases in letters, which require additional proves in courts (e.g. police do not investigate, police are connected etc.);
  • Avoid using populism, “bedrail” and others (this may cause reputational loses)
  • Other proposals of participants

For effective external communication of the Coalition, participants agreed to increase the time for drafting such statements. Drafting a statement on behalf of 60 organizations and human right activists, who became members of the Coalition will require more time however at the same it is expected it will have positive influence on the quality of statements.

In case the member of the Coalition decides the statement should be published quickly, he or she publishes his/her own statements, notices or other documents.