Organizations moments and internal communication of the Coalition

Organizational moments:

  • coalition as a volunteer assembly of participants of civil society representatives does not require legal registration and structure
  • members of the coalition make decisions on joint activity within coalition through an open dialogue and information exchange
  • acceptance of new members of the coalition is conducted through consultations with separate members of the coalition or through consultations with all members of the coalition, who are included into the distribution list.

Internal communication of the coalition

Communication of the members of the coalition will be conducted through google groups list. in order to be included into coalition distribution list, applicant should do the following:

  • fill in an application form for joining the coalition
  • write to the following email a letter on adding a new representative from a member of a coalition This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • there is no need to create additional communications channel (chats and others)

When distributing information on the case of attack, pressure or other violation amongst all members of the coalition, sender should abstain from indicating sensitive information or any personal data. these data can be send personally to coalition members, who are able to provide assistance of a certain kind or who note attacks on civil society members upon necessity or a request of such organization.

Documents with information on the coalition will be placed at google drive, the access to which will be distributed to the members of this distribution list without a right of further dissemination. as an exception, documents, which require your editing will be distributed openly.

We ask to add all important documents to Google drive, which on your opinion will be useful to coalition members. we ask not to delete documents placed on the google drive.

useful links:

In order to contact a separate coalition member, included into the general list of members on the web-site please write to general email of the coalition, addressing your message to this member.

a list of coalition members can be found at the web-site