Rules of the Coalition for Monitoring and Verification of Data

During monitoring certain cases of attacks against activists, human right defenders or journalists, participants of monitoring should analyze the activity of the respective actor in accordance with the described Verification Standard.

Special attention should be paid to the practice of identified individual on using violent actions, hate speech and igniting any kinds of hatred/violence in reaching his/her aims.

If the person or organization, which this person represents, uses in everyday practice violent methods for reaching his/her personal aims, publicly or during fixed “closed” meetings call for violence or propagate/share hate speech towards other people despite the circumstances of a single case, where such person could suffer of fall under pressure, should not be considered by the Coalition as a human right activists or defender and should not consider this case as an attack or pressure on activist or human right defender.

Methodology of documentation:

This methodology was suggested by the Center of Information on Human Rights “Zmina”

In order to ensure qualitative monitoring of attacks against civil society it is necessary to have monitors in regions. These monitors could check and verify information in their regions. If you would like to contribute to verification and documentation of information in your region of the country please fill in the form.