Human rights defenders and activists from all over Ukraine gathered at the annual human rights Conference

NeConferenceOn December 10-11, the biggest human rights conference “NeConference” was held by the Center for Civic Liberties. Traditionally, the event gathered human rights defenders and activists from all across Ukraine. The agenda included issues of investigations of attacks on activists, discussion of legislative initiatives in the human rights sphere as well as other urgent issues.

Organization-members of the Coalition participated and held several panels, where they initiated discussions of the problems and threats for civic activists, which exists at the moment and possible ways of dealing with them. One of the main issues in this sphere, which was agreed is impunity for attacks, which in turn exists due to ineffective work of the law enforcements, which often openly sabotage the investigations. In addition, some legislative difficulties were identified during discussions. The existing legal framework supposed to create all possibilities for effective investigations, however often it creates only addition obstacles.