Statement of the Coalition for Protecting Civil Society with regard to the attack of Turkish diplomats on participants of a peaceful meeting

We, Members of the Coalition for Protecting Civil Society condemn the act of aggression, made by representatives of diplomatic mission of Turkey in Ukraine directed towards participants of peaceful meeting, which took place next to the Consulate of Turkey on October 11, 2019. Such actions of diplomats are severe violations of international law.

Thus, Turkish diplomatic servants attacked and physically assaulted activists who came to the Consulate to demonstrate their support to Kurds. We emphasize that participants of a meeting did not showed any aggressive actions and therefore did not provoke employees of the mission.

Aside from this, we draw the attention to inadequate actions of law enforcement representatives who arrived at the site. Activists, who were attacked by the employees of Consulate were detained. Furthermore, police officers attempted to incriminate violation of the right to peaceful assemblies to these activists. Such interpretation of the actions of peaceful activists happens in Ukraine not for the first time. Earlier this year, two activists from Rivne were accused in violation the procedure of organizing peaceful demonstrations. The Appeal Court at that time cancelled the decision of the Municipal court of Rivne and revoke all allegations towards activists.

We underline that there are no any rules of organizing peaceful demonstrations in Ukraine. These actions and decisions of law enforcement officers prove that either police officers are not aware about legal provisions or they are willingly attempt to limit rights and freedoms of citizens, guaranteed by Constitution of Ukraine.

Therefore, we at first appeal to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine with a demand to properly react to the attack of foreign diplomats on the citizens of Ukraine who gathered for peaceful demonstration.

Second of all, we demand from the Ministry of Interior of Ukraine provide legal assessment of the actions of law enforcement officers, who worked at the site and conduct investigation of this incident, which we remind happens not for the first time.

And finally, we recommend National Police of Ukraine raise the awareness of its officers and employees about the absence of any procedure of organizing peaceful demonstrations and illegal background of such accusations.